Room Booking

This form should be used for bookings by separate organisations, e.g. fill in separate forms for Brownies and Guides, even though both are Uniformed Organisations.   If you meet twice in the week, say, fill in separate forms for each day’s booking request.

If the request is for recurring dates, e.g. every Wednesday until Christmas, remember to indicate the Wednesdays you won’t need, e.g. a mid-term break.

If multiple rooms are requested within the booking, just use this one form.   Use the ‘other relevant details’ section to indicate if a variation in times is required.   For example, needing the kitchen only from 7.30pm to 9.00pm as part of an overall booking of the Candlish Room from 6.00pm to 9.00pm.

Please provide as much information as possible when filling in this form. Thank you.

Organisation Details

Name of group

Name of organiser (required)

Contact Phone

Contact Email (required)

Booking details – single booking or first date of recurring booking

Time access required
Time of final exit
Start time of activity
Finish time of activity
Number of people

Recurring dates for booking (if required)

First date (as above)
Last date
Intermediate dates not required

Room(s) preferred – tick all which apply

Resource(s) required – tick all which apply

Other relevant details – please provide any additional information to assist in making this booking