Babies and Toddlers

Rose Room (nursing mothers and babies room)

 Located on the first floor and accessed by taking the lift or via the west stairs.  Solely for the use of nursing mums who can feed their little ones in peace and privacy with a live stream of the service.  There is a supply of nappies and a few hygiene items available should they be required. Prams must be stored at the back of the Candlish Room.


Candlish and Beulah Room Crèche

 Also located on the first floor and accessed by taking the lift or via the west stairs.  Our crèche is available from 15 minutes prior to the start of the morning service and is for little ones from newborn to 3 years old.

 In Crèche we seek to honour God by serving and supporting parents/carers and looking after and training their children.  We endeavour to provide a safe, nurturing and age-appropriate environment while sharing Bible teaching through play, stories, songs and Bible verses.  We want to help the children progress physically, socially and spiritually in preparation for a smooth transition to Nursery Sunday School.

Crèche is run as a parental co-operative with additional volunteers to ensure a constant carer/child ratio of 1:2.  All volunteers are both members of Charlotte Chapel and the Protection of Vulnerable Groups scheme.

Registration takes place in the Candlish room where the crèche is set up to be a welcoming environment for toddlers.  Babies will mostly be cared for in the adjacent, Beulah Room. Towards the end of the service all children will be gathered in the Beulah room for singing time and in preparation for collection by their parent/carer.

Registration: Each Sunday a Team Leader keeps a register and will ask newcomers or visitors to complete the appropriate registration form.  All children must be signed in and parents issued with a number on a wrist band.  There is also a numbered clip to identify any bag being left with the child.  Inpidual items like juice cups, dummies etc should be clearly labelled.  If the Team Leader needs a parent or carer to return to crèche during the service then the child’s number will appear on screen.  At the end of the service children should be collected promptly by returning the numbered wrist band and signing the register.  Parents must always inform the Team Leader when leaving or returning to crèche with their child, even when just for a short time, for Fire Safety reasons (see below).

Snack: At parents’ discretion toddlers can be offered a snack consisting of a breadstick and cup of water.  Our helpers are not able to give children their lunch during the service nor administer medication.  High chairs are available in the Beulah Room should a parent wish to feed their own child while watching a live stream of the service.

Personal Care Needs: Parents/carers should advise the Team Leader if they do not want our helpers to change their child’s nappy or help with using the toilet.  Any personal care needs will be dealt with in line with Charlotte Chapel’s safeguarding policy.

Prams & Pushchairs: These can be stored at the back of the Candlish room.

Fire Safety: In the event of the fire alarm sounding our helpers will evacuate all the babies and toddlers to the assembly point, 35 Alva Street.  Parents/carers are to meet the Team Leader there to collect their child and sign the register.