Giving for Gospel Growth

This button is provided for those who are unable to give via bank transfer. If you are able to give via bank transfer, please see the Giving Form for our bank details

2 Corinthians 9:7 sums up God’s instructions for giving –

each of you should give This is for all of us. All Christians are commanded to be part of this act of worship to God. Young or old, rich or poor – we are all meant to be involved. At Charlotte Chapel we encourage all members and regular attenders to join in giving to the work of the gospel.
what you have decided in your heart to give Think about all that God has given you and decide a proportion to set aside to give back to God and then act on that. Under the Old Covenant, 10% was a starting point for giving. Grasping the gospel is a spur toward even greater generosity.
not reluctantly or under compulsion It takes a work of God to overcome our natural reluctance to give and no-one from the church will be checking your bank balance – giving is to be a free decision of your own heart.
for God loves a cheerful giver Cheerfulness in giving is something that will grow in your heart as you partner in the work and are more invested in the ministry and growth of the gospel — both here in Edinburgh and throughout the world.

To find out more, look at the handbook on Giving for Gospel Growth and download and print the Giving Form to get started. Or contact the office on 0131 225 4812 or the church treasurer, to find out more.

Charlotte Chapel has been greatly blessed as people have left legacy gifts in their wills that have furthered the spread of the gospel.
If this is something that you would also like to do please speak to the treasurer. Here are few inspiring stories


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