Freshers 2020

Young Adults Charlotte Chapel 

Finding a new church when you start university can be stressful enough, let alone when churches are closed or meeting in a limited capacity due to Covid-19! 

If you’re a Fresher and you’re looking to join a church who cares about students and wants to see them grow to become more like Jesus then we’d love to have you along!

Things may look a bit different than usual for Semester 1 – but we are still planning to meet every Wednesday night from 7pm-9pm to spend time with each other and to study the bible in small groups. Once we can, we plan to get back to running outreach events and socials so that we can share the good news with people who don’t know Jesus yet throughout the year! 

We also like to connect young adults to a family in the church. This is optional of course, but it’s a great chance to be spoiled by a bit of Scottish hospitality every now and again and to get to know more people in the church! 

If you would like us to fill you in on our student welcome events and want more information as to how we are continuing to meet together to study God’s word in these exceptional circumstances then please contact James at 

Alternatively, you can sign up for YACC this year at this link:

If you are a returning student we’ve missed you! Wednesday nights might continue to look a little bit different for a while but don’t worry. Use the sign-up link above to let us know you’re coming, and we’ll get you sorted out into your group!