Growth groups

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a Sequoia tree. They’re found in various parts of North America. If you have seen one, you’ll know all about it! They’re colossal. They’re strong. They endure. Sequoias are sometimes referred to as the largest living things on earth. But what’s the secret to their growth? Why are they so strong and durable?

Some might say, ‘deep roots, that’s why they’re so strong.’ But that’s not what it is. No, the answer doesn’t lie in root depth, but root connection. No Sequoia grows alone. Sequoia trees only grow in groves. While their roots go only about four feet deep into the ground, their roots intermingle with the other Sequoias next to them. One tree has other trees surrounding it, supporting it and keeping it strong. Each tree stands strong through the centuries because each tree has an interdependent connection with other trees around it.

The same is true of Christians. No believer grows alone. Growth is what God wants for us. The Bible says He wants to conform us to the image of His Son, to grow in Christ-likeness. But he doesn’t he doesn’t expect us to do it alone. We are expected to help each other and to spur one another on.

This is why Growth Groups are vital. Growth Groups provide the ideal context for helping each grow in Christ-likeness. In a big church like Charlotte Chapel, you can find it easy to remain anonymous. That’s dangerous. Just as the mighty Sequoia would topple without a community of supporting trees, so believers who fail to find meaningful Christian community will not grow as they ought.

If you’re a member at Charlotte Chapel you can sign up for Growth groups by contacting us.

Just in case you want to know a little bit more, here are the nuts and bolts of Growth Groups in Charlotte Chapel.

Size10-14 people
LocatedIn homes but some specialised groups centrally
Meetings3 times a month. 1 Sunday social and 2 mid-week Bible studies on 2nd and 4th weeks in the month
Led byGrowth Group Leaders, men of good standing, committed members eager to serve
Overseen byGrowth Group Co-ordinators. Their role involves discipling, mentoring and administration
StudiesCarefully crafted with our vision and our own church family in view
Vital forReceiving and providing pastoral care, serving, building relationships and training leaders