The elders of Charlotte Chapel are responsible for providing spiritual oversight of the church

Andy Amour

I came to faith at a Scripture Union Camp in my early teens, responding to hearing the gospel for the first time. After trying a few different churches, I settled in Charlotte Chapel where I found the teaching clear and people living authentic Christian lives. I met my wife, Pam, at the young people’s meeting and we have two boys, now in their 20’s. After a career in the Police I now work for a Christian Charity in Edinburgh.

My favourite hymn? “There Is A Fountain” by William Cowper

Ashley Gardner

My name is Ashley and I’m married to Jodie, we have 2 children Charlotte (almost 2) and Joel (5months). Having grown up in a non-Christian home I was confronted by my sin at the age of 24 whilst watching a YouTube video. Wrestling with the thought of coming judgment for a few weeks, the Lord lead me to a faithful evangelist who shared the gospel with myself and Jodie. We became Christians hat night (2012) and began to read and study God’s Word. I’ve served the Lord in various areas: cleaning, hospitality, youth ministry, evangelism, preaching and teaching.

We moved to Edinburgh wanting to serve the Lord in Pastoral Ministry and came to Charlotte Chapel.

John Easton

John is married to Claire, and became a member of Charlotte Chapel in 1993. He has served as an Elder twice before and has been an usher since he joined. He also led a Fellowship Group for ten years and has served as a Deacon.

John works for BBC Scotland as a cameraman in news and politics.


Bruce Goodbrand

I am married to Claire and we have two sons, namely James and Matthew. We live in the Blackhall area of Edinburgh. I am a solicitor who specialises in civil litigation.

I grew up in Aberdeen in a Christian home. I came to faith in the Lord Jesus at the age of 16, following a Billy Graham rally. I came to study in Edinburgh in 1991 and was baptised in CBC as a believer in early 1994, becoming a member that same year. I have been in membership since then.

I have served in various roles in the Chapel, including the then Fellowship Groups, Christianity Explored, Treasurer (2011 to 2016) and more recently as Elder for Children & Youth (2018 to 2020)

Colin Rogerson

Married to Ailish, with three grown-up children, and seven grandchildren, in my life I have worked variously in travel, police work, ministry and teaching, most recently as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages. Using this skill as a tool, I have engaged in ministry towards internationals at the Chapel since 2014, first in the Chapel’s All Nations English Language Café (ANELC), and then in the International Fellowship. I have been active in Growth Group, Toolbox Ministry, and various 1-to-1 Bible study and discipling initiatives. I have served as Elder for Local International Mission since 2017.

Robert Naysmith

I am married to Jean and have two grown up children, Michael and Rebecca. I retired from work in the NHS at the end of  2017.

I came to faith in the Lord Jesus as my  Saviour through the witness of others in Charlotte Chapel Young People’s Meeting (YPM). After that I began to regularly attend the Chapel, was baptised and came into membership.

I subsequently served on the committee of YPM and as the Vice President. Since becoming a Christian, I have been involved in work amongst young people including beach missions and with the Chapel Scout Group. I served as Youth Council chair for several years. I have served both as a deacon and as an elder in the Chapel. I am currently a Growth Group leader

Graham Penman

My name is Graham, born and raised in Edinburgh. Married to Rebekah and have two young children, Zack who is 6 and Ava who is 3.

Charlotte Chapel is my home church, and I’ve been attending since I was born. I was raised through Sunday school, uniformed organisations, and put my faith in Jesus during my teenage years at a YPM September weekend – recognising my rebellion against God and my need for Jesus as my saviour. Subsequently, I was baptised, came into membership, and later served as the VP of YPM for several years.
After YPM, I have been involved in leading small groups in various settings, from Equip (now YACC) through to my current Growth Group.  I also love being able to serve as part of the music team here at the Chapel.”