Young Adults & Internationals

Young Adults

At Charlotte Chapel we believe that your time at University and as a young adult is a crucial time to grow as a Christian. Charlotte Chapel exists to spread the good news of the gospel, and to help one another grow to become more like Jesus. We believe this is God’s great purpose for his church.

The best thing you can do is join us on a Sunday morning. We meet at 10:30am every Sunday morning during term-time.  We would also love to see you at our Young Adults group. Young Adults is a key part of what we do and one of the main ways we help you love and serve Jesus more.

We meet every Wednesday night during term time from 7-9pm (please check the online calendar for dates not meeting). We meet for coffee and fellowship for half an hour before singing together. Most of our time is spent studying the Bible in small groups, trying to apply it to our lives in pursuit of becoming more like Jesus.

If you would like more info please email:

International Fellowship

We have the wonderful privilege of welcoming from all over the world students who come to study in Edinburgh (undergraduate and post-graduate) and those taking up employment here.   The Fellowship normally meets at the church building at 7.45pm on Fridays for Bible study and fellowship, and also meet up at church services on Sundays.   There are regular social get-togethers on Saturday nights, plus Saturday away-day trips to see some of our spectacular countryside during term-time, and over the holidays.  There’s also an amazing weekend-away holiday every February.

At present, however, our physical meetings and trips have been suspended because of Covid restrictions.  Instead, the Fellowship meets on every Friday by Zoom video-conferencing at 7:30pm for an online Bible study and fellowship.   If you are interested in finding out more about our activities, please contact us at: .

All Nations English Café

If you’re new to Edinburgh, and learning or improving your English, we can help you with this.   In normal times we run an English Café at our church building, which offers a free English lesson for adult internationals who have at least Lower Intermediate level in English.   The lesson is followed by an optional Bible study (- studying the Bible is a great way to improve your English!)

Because of the present Covid restrictions, we are unable to offer our English lesson and study at the church building. However, if you would like to improve your English through studying the Bible with a trained English teacher, please get in touch with us at: